Transforming The Lives of the Underserved

With no cost healthcare, clinical services and life resources support.

IMG HELPS is on a mission to help save lives!

How We Began
In 2014, the Independent Medical Group, Inc. was founded to offer specialty pharmacy services and support to individuals in selected southern states.

As the need for healthcare and other specialized services grew, the creation of IMG HELPS, Inc. (a nonprofit) to help bridge the emerging gaps for healthcare and other specialized services. IMG HELPS, established in March 2020, provides an array of healthcare and specialty services to individuals, families, and communities in Florida.


Help | Educate | Lead | Provide | Serve






IMG HELPS operates walk-in and mobile health clinics and a 340B Drug Program.We also offer other
specialized services that allow us to deliver on our commitment to help, educate and serve the
marginalized and underserved population in Florida.

Our Mission

To promote optimal health for
individuals, families, and
communities through free
services such as education,
prevention, intervention and
to provide life services
support that includes life
skills, housing and more.

Our Vision

We provide meaningful services that
focus on continuous quality improvement
with access to education and resources
that promote healthy lifestyle decisions.
We demonstrate our commitment to
world-class care by providing a nurturing
and supportive environment for
individuals, families, and communities.

Our History

Founded in 2020, IMG HELPS, Inc.
was created by co-founders
Steve Vixamar and Clifford Knights II
who, after spending 20 years in the
HIV-specialty pharmaceutical industry,
decided the best way to bring healthcare
to the community was through mobile
clinics and outreach prevention services.

Generosity pays!

Support us and help those who can't afford to get medical help.

IMG HELPS is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization providing no cost services to our underserved and marginalized communities.

We have developed strong relationships with the Department of
Health in the state of Florida and other agencies. Through these
relationships, IMG HELPS has successfully leveraged funding to
maximize service to many at-risk individuals. Through donations
and contracted partnerships, IMG HELPS can continue to provide
free healthcare services.

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